25/2 2019
New links and still going thru the WOS project.

22/9 2018
Finished with the F-section at the WOS project.

20/9 2018
Have upload LOTS of music under the "My Music" button

16/6 -  2018
Kjula pics! uploaded :)


Can you combine Manic Miner & Jet Set Willy with the extreme Dragracing!? Yes! I do it!
I make movies, collect old retro games and take photos from Dragracing/Streetracing and also exhibitions.
Just check around at my links here and if you want something, just send a message on the Guestbookie!

My vids from Dragracing etc can be found @ my YT-channel HERE
Pictures = at the Engines,Cars & Bikes button above or click HERE