I started composing music in 1988 when I was living in Säter on my Amiga.
My style is a bit original but I think most people like it in some form, otherwise try to learn it ;)

I use Protracker/Fasttracker on my Amiga 500/1200 as well as Logic, Cubase and Madtracker 2 on the PC

I am not as active as before but sometimes I get a seizure ;)


These tracks have some samples from Commodore 64.
I love the SID-sound so I thougt why not create something with them!


Moon Patrol & New Rally-X are two arcade-games.
I love their music so I decided to create my own versions.


These tracks with songs I´ve done by myself or with friends.
Enjoy! :)

PS! the lyrics will be upload in some days!

These tracks are without any songs instead only instrumental.

MOD format ( The MOD format was the first file format for tracked music on the Commodore Amiga )
These tracks were made during the late eighties/early nineties

Format XM
Mostly the same tracks as above but added the ability to map several samples to the same instrument for multi-sampled instruments or drum sets
 (Amiga 500)